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Section 13 - NY 17A to NY-NJ State Line Displayed from North to South

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NY 17A
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2 miles north of Greenwood Lake and 1.6 miles east of Bellvale NY 17A at Mt. Peter crosses the AT Parking is available on the paved strip of the old highway (Continental Rd) around which the improved NY 17A is built. The street view to the southeast on the attached map shows the parking. the southbound rail (to Section 13) is on the other side of Continental Road. 2/7/2006 1
Continental Road has plenty of parking room available 09/23/08 10-12
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From the New York Thruway, I-87, take Exit 15B to NY 17 northbound. Continue to NY 17A. Go left here and follow NY 17A about 13 miles west to the northern outskirts of Greenwood Lake and the intersection with NY 210. At this intersection Continue straight ahead on NY 17A for 2 miles. Continental Road (an old portion of the highway) is on the left at the top of the ridge. The street view to the west on the map attached here shows the northbound trail to Section 12 heading north from NY 17A. 07/20/10 1
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Village Vista Trail
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From the intersection of NY 17A and NY210 (See Mile 5.9) Proceed south on NJ 210 for 0.4 miles. Turn left on Elm St.. this two blocks before NJ 210 turns right. The Village Park and Recreation Center is 0.2 miles further. I have not hiked this trail or checked out the trailhead. The markers on the attached map imdicating the trailhead are very approximate. The following information is from: htttp:// . The blue-blazed trail starts at Lion's field just pas the playground and pavilion. This climbs to the west, meeting the AT in 0.9 miles. There the southbound AT goes left, the northbound goes right. 07/21/10 Not known 1
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From Windemere Avenue, the main street through the town of Greenwood Lake, go northwest on Elm Avenue towards the ridge. At the first intersection, at Elm Street, is the Helen Kelly Field -- probably the closest parking area for visitors. Greenwood Lake has very clear No Parking signs at the Lions Baseball Field, behind which is the start of the Village Vista Trail. Its village code 109-13 (online) is quite unambiguous: 'The parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all streets and highways within the Village between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.' Parking is also prohibited at the Park & Ride Lot, by anyone who has not paid for a commuter tag. Thus, only day parking is permitted, and then about two blocks from the Vista Trail. If a game is being played, parking may be even more difficult. It would appear that the village would prefer that trail users park on Highway 17A, and there may even be a problem for a large number of cars for day hikers. 05/09/13 12 but see comments
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Zig Zag Trail (Cascade Lake Park)
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I have not hiked this trail or been to Cascade Lake Park which is owned by the town of Warwick. Use the Google map to generate a route. The link mentioned in the Comments section also gives a route. The marker on the attached map is at an area appears to be the parking area, Cars can be seen in the satellite view. The blue-blazed Zig Zag Trail leads from Cascade Lake Park about a mile east to the AT north of Prospect Rock. The first part of the trail follows woods roads. The trace of a woods road can be seen going south from the parking area. This is probably the initial section of the trail route. See the Parking Safety ratings for a description of the trail. Alternatively consult the following link.

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NY/NJ State Line
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The nearest road access is from NY 210 which runs along Greenwood Lake. The State Line trail ascends from opposite the Greenwood Lake Marina on NY 210 and follows the state line for 1.2 miles until it reached the AT. Parking is not permitted at the marina. 2/7/2006 2 - 3 cars at the intersection of NY 210 with Lake Shore Dr.
My wife and I parked at the State Line Trail about a month ago and wanted to clarify regarding parking here. The marina is on the east side of the road the lake side and you can't park there at all. On the west side, across from the marina, there is a gravel driveway leading up hill, that has two levels of parking. It's a bit confusing, because the first level of parking is also marina parking, and you shouldn't use that either. However, if you continue up the driveway to the top level, there is space for about 3 to 5 cars next to the NJ State Park kiosk. This is legal just don't block off any marina equipment that may be stored off to the side. So don't be confused by the initial appearance of the lot just keep going all the way to the top. There is a sign that explicitly bans parking after 8 pm, so this is for day hikes only. Also, be warned that the State Line Trail is quite a difficult climb we came down it and that was bad enough. 11/21/08 3-5
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The marker on the attached map indicates the approximate location of the entrance to the parking lot in the previous listing. The State Line Trail is a blue-blazed trail that climbs 1.2 miles to meet the AT. There is no direct road access to this end of the section. 11/24/08 1
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If you go into Street View from the map posted above, you should get a view to the west. The main building of the marina is on the other side of the road. The driveway that you will be looking at is the entrance. Go all the way up and back to the top of the hill that's where the hiker parking is. You can't see it real well in this picture but it's the area behind the small white sign in the distance in the center of the picture. 04/26/09 3-5
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From the New York Thruway, I-87, take Exit 15B to NY 17 northbound. Continue to NY 17A. Go left here and follow NY 17A about 13 miles west to the northern outskirts of Greenwood Lake and the intersection with NY 210. Go left on NJ 210. Follow signs for this route through Greenwoods Lake Village. In approximately half a mile this route makes a turn to the right (west), then turns left and continues south. The marina and parking for the State Line Trail are about 4 mils from NY 17A, just after the road crosses into New Jersey. The coordinates at the intersection of the AT with the State Line Trail are 41.191715, -74.343964. If accessing the AT via this trail, northbound too NY Sec. 13 is right, southbound to NJ Section 1 is left at this intersection. 07/19/10
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