All Parking Safety Ratings for This Milemarker

5 = Great       1 = Poor

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26/15/15 - ATC has received reports of a number of car break-ins in the Delaware Water Gap area, occurring mid-week and targeting vehicles with cash or valuable items left in plain view. bsickley @ appalachiantrail.org6/15/2015 8:55:06 AM
1My car was vandalized at this parking lot. I parked my Prius there on Wednesday, July 24, at 9am and returned to my car Thursday, July 25, at 4pm to find the passenger side window smashed. All the loose change in my car was stolen and the console compartment was damaged. I found a note on my car from the National Park Police saying to call them to file a report - which I did. He also told me that another car in the parking lot was vandalized at the same time as mine.cgoochee @ gmail.com7/25/2013 6:56:43 PM
4It is a bit secluded but there are houses within sight of it (at least when there are no leaves on the trees). I parked there for a few hours in December of 2010. I noticed what looked like broken auto glass on the ground before I set out. It left me a bit worried. I got back to the car well after dark and mine was the only car left in the lot. Everything was fine. river_gnome @ mail.com2/18/2011 9:19:26 AM
3Secluded area. I didn't have a good feeling leaving my car there for the weekend, but at the end of my trip it was still there and not damaged.trk270 @ yahoo.com6/1/2010 1:47:58 PM
5We have left vehicles here twice during section hikes with no problems at all. According to the park rangers office, you can leave a vehicle as long as you like. Check out some of the HUGE post oak trees just on the other side of the gravel road from the parking area.jemac1962 @ bellsouth.net4/6/2010 11:30:05 AM