All Parking Safety Ratings for This Milemarker

5 = Great       1 = Poor

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5Great people at the park. Shelter for hikers behind ranger station. Ideal for getting organized.Sekenber @ gmail.com2/8/2015 9:38:11 PM
5I parked here for a week in early April, 2013 (fee 5.00) with no problems.tompost53 @ gmail.com4/24/2013 6:00:36 PM
5I have parked at this lot numerous times mostly for day hikes. We usually arrive in the early morming and are on our way out by late afternoon. Each time there have been a handful of vehicles in the lot. It IS very secluded as it is at least a 35-40 minute ride on dirt roads maintained by the USFS just to get to it. However, because it's the closet parking to Springer Mtn. on the AT, it is usually somewhat busy with hikers coming and going.

Knock on wood, we have never had any trouble with safety.
gbeg24 @ aol.com8/15/2012 3:41:42 PM
1On Wednesday Oct. 13, 2010, my husband and I parked at the beginning of Springer trail (42) there was about 5 vehicles and a scooter parked in this lot. We noticed a blue truck had the window broken out. Two hikers came up soon after and we showed them. They had parked one of their vehicles at hightower gap and was worried when they saw the truck. We met them the next day back in the parking lot and their truck window had been busted out at hightower gap.theallenroom @ hotmail.com10/16/2010 11:56:14 PM