All Parking Safety Ratings for This Milemarker

5 = Great       1 = Poor

ratingfurther informationemailreported
2Dropped our car off here to do a few segments and discovered a vehicle with broken windows and a lot of glass throughout the lot. Took the initiative and emptied the car out and left all the compartments open so would-be thieves could see there was nothing of value. Came back 4 days later to find the car intact. We did try to call the police to report the break in, but the local police and state police didn't have anyone at the station. Be cautious and use common sense. The restaurant lot might be a better @ gmail.com8/16/2012 9:41:24 PM
1went to check this parking area out, and found a vandalized car and a lot of broken glass. tried to call the local police and state police, but no one was answering their phones. georgeesse @ gmail.com8/8/2012 7:07:07 PM
1ATC vandalism alert:

Vandalism reported 6/08. Attempted break-in reported 7/09.
info @ appalachiantrail.org7/13/2012 8:35:44 PM
2In view of the vandalism/ theft stories given for this parking area (See listings) and others reported by the ATC, this lot can't be given a very good safety rating.dlcul @ conncoll.edu3/3/2010 6:33:23 PM