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4There was a period where parking at the Visitor's Center was 'sketchy' due to catalytic converter thefts. Fortunately, the dumb thieves hit a few TVA vehicles which caused a swift reaction from the TVA. Surveillance camera were installed and live patrols were stepped-up. Nancy Hoch from the Hike Inn told me that there have been no new thefts since.

Parked adjacent to the Visitor's Center from 10/1/22 - 10/4/22 with no issues.
fijlstra @ gmail.com11/7/2022 10:12:40 AM
5Left my Escape there for a 5 day trip through the AT, didn't have a single problem. The guys working on the Dam gave us a map and some great advice. Nice location to start.bjlemenager @ gmail.com12/28/2014 12:55:25 AM
4Parked at Fontana Dam Visitor's Center for one week in late April 2014 (on second tier of parking.) Several cars from other hikers also there. Inside the Center they indicated that there were regular patrols so a better place to park than other spots (obviously don't leave valuables visible inside your vehicle.) Never any guarantees but I'd park there again.MEWiswell @ aol.com5/18/2014 2:56:53 PM
4Ample parking, although not a lot of people around and fairly isolated during off season. Parked here to do an overnight hike of a couple of sections, no problems.donald.gross @ comcast.net8/15/2010 8:29:45 PM