All Parking Safety Ratings for This Milemarker

5 = Great       1 = Poor

ratingfurther informationemailreported
1Plenty of parking for day hiking. I would NOT leave a vehicle overnight. Two trucks had there Catalytic Converters cut out under the vehicle. Locals are vandalism trucks in the area. Any information on vandalism please contact, I have a police report out.darronpowell @ yahoo.com5/10/2021 7:34:25 AM
5Large parking spots on both sides of the road, By the time I got back to the trailhead at 4PM there were cars everyewhere. Area is popular with day hikers and gets enough traffic to make me comfortable leaving a car there.123 @ test.com4/4/2021 6:46:35 PM
5Never had an issue. Parked there a few times.mnbrowning @ yahoo.com1/27/2016 2:16:32 PM
5Parked here for day hike from Tellico Gap to Nantahala River. Good parking area and good gravel road for only about 1 mile after pavement ends. October 16, 2011Mhurley @ hurleyeclaw.com10/17/2011 6:36:31 PM