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2Two separate reports on Facebook about catalytic converter thefts at Big Creek ranger station this week.mitchell1982 @ tds.net4/2/2021 9:31:28 AM
1Don't Park Here If You Can Help It. We left our car at the Big Creek Ranger Station, about 1.5 miles down the road, for the weekend and when we got off the trail at Davenport Gap there were two people reporting that their cars had been stolen from the parking area there to an officer.
This was in the off-season, Beginning of Jan., and I thought there wouldn't be much issue but I am very glad I took the warnings of others and parked at the Ranger Station. Plus, who doesn't need an extra 1.5 mile walk to the car after you get off the trail, It is a really easy road downhill so totally worth it.
dallas.sims @ impact360.net1/7/2016 7:20:43 PM
1ATC vandalism alert:

Davenport Gap (Tenn. 32/N.C. 284, eastern boundary of Great Smoky Mountains National Park) - DO NOT PARK overnight: This location has a history of vandalism. Park at Big Creek Ranger Station in seasons when rangers are present.
info @ appalachiantrail.org7/12/2012 8:51:29 PM
1The people that shuttled me yesterday say they don't recommend people park there even for a day hike. Reportedly there is a chop shop in the area that considers Davenport Gap a fertile collection area.dlcul @ conncoll.edu5/28/2010 10:26:06 AM