All Parking Safety Ratings for This Milemarker

5 = Great       1 = Poor

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3Parked for 2 days, had no problems. We did see broken glass from car window in parking lot, don't know if that was vandalism or if driver broke it to get into car (I say optimistically). Car in that spot had left. Again, we had no problems at all.rachael.naismith @ gmail.com6/23/2018 2:02:02 PM
1Danby vandalism keeps happening and this recently: @ gmail.com10/29/2013 5:47:25 PM
3Although isolated we had had no problem with our car left overnight on 7/16/12. Their were several other vehicles that seemed to be there longer without problems.jeannie45 @ verizon.net7/20/2012 9:23:22 AM
1ATC vandalism alert:

Vandalism/theft reported here 8/09
info @ appalachiantrail.org7/13/2012 9:16:43 PM