All Parking Safety Ratings for This Milemarker

5 = Great       1 = Poor

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2Extremely busy road that seems to have been paved recently. This has elevated the road and the lip is much more pronounced. Be extremely careful when pulling over. The tilt seems to be somewhat treacherous toward the middle of both sides. There is not much of a shoulder either. There may be better pull offs further down in both directions. Be extremely diligent in regards to the traffic. rbrahmase @ hotmail.com6/24/2018 6:32:35 PM
4Pullovers on both sides where AT crosses. East side parking is more level. Be very careful crossing the road as this is a straightaway in a rural area and drivers may not be anticipating people crossing the road.dietro @ optonline.net9/27/2014 8:52:17 PM